Race Information

When: Saturday March 18th, 2017. 9:00 A.M.

Where: TJHSST (6560 Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA, 22312)

Course: 5K (~3.14159 Miles)

Race Course


  • $30 Online for the Pi-Miler
  • $20 Online for the Fun Run
  • Registration Fees will remain the same until day of race, but the t-shirt order has been submitted, so we cannot guarantee t-shirts to those who haven't registered yet.  We ordered some extras, we will distribute them until they run out.

Packet Pickup:

Saturday, March 18, starts 9:00 A.M. at race start line, TJHSST (address above)

For younger runners (and their parents): This year, in addition to the Pi Miler, which is 3.14 miles with the last mile being a color run, we will also be hosting a 1-mile Color Fun Run. This 1-mile run will take place entirely on the TJ campus. This is a great alternative for runners who might not be ready for a longer run, or who might not be comfortable with a portion of the run taking place on Little River Turnpike (though Fairfax County Police will be closing one lane of Little River Turnpike and directing traffic during the race). Parents are welcome to participate in the Fun Run along with their kids! There will be multiple Color Stations set up along the 1-mile course, though detours will be available if you would prefer not to get colored powder tossed your way. To register for the 1-mile Color Fun Run instead of the Pi Miler, check the indicated box on the registration page.


What is the Pi Miler? The Pi Miler is an annual 3.14 mile race (matching the first three digits of pi) begun six years ago by the Class of 2013. This year marks the 7th annual running of the TJ Pi Miler, but the first one to be run at TJ since 2014, due to the ongoing school renovation. The race generally coincides with Pi Day, March 14th, a worldwide celebration both of the mathematical constant pi and the joy of studying mathematics. In 2015, the race actually began at 9:26am on March 14th, so that the start time was 3/14/15 at 9:26 (to coincide with the initial digits of pi being 3.1415926). The Pi Miler is traditionally sponsored by the junior class, so this year the honor belongs to the Class of 2018.

Why is this year’s Pi Miler called the Prismatic Pi Miler? The Class of 2018 Council wanted to do something special to celebrate the Pi Miler’s return to the TJ campus, and have decided to incorporate a Color Run element to this year’s race. The first two miles of the race will wind through nearby neighborhoods, and will be a more traditional course. The Color Run part of the Pi Miler will begin when the runners return to the TJ campus at the 2-mile mark.

What is a Color Run? Our version of a color run is a little different than what can be seen online (and what we initially advertised; FCPS Risk Management advised us to change the format).  For our Color Run, there will be multiple “color stations” throughout the course.  At each station, race volunteers will be holding foam pool noodles covered with paint.  As runners go by, the race volunteers will (softly) slap the pool noodles on the runners’ shirts.  By the end of the race, the runners will be covered with color!  Runners can wear any shirt they want during the race, though the race t-shirts will be white, to better capture the color during the race. We will be using washable paint.

What if you would prefer not to get paint on your shirt? No problem. There will be lanes leading around each color station, so that runners can bypass the color (without adding extra distance to the course).